New to Primary schools

  1. BrianG
    It is very quiet on the discussion boards. I'm new to Primary schools, been doing this now, about 2 months. Looking after 6 primary schools. How do other people find working in primary schools? My background is mostly Secondary schools and bit of Coporate.
  2. apoth0r
    Primary schools are excellent places to work!
    How are you finding it, what is your role within these schools and are you taking into consideration not just the technical parts but how it all benefits the curriculum! Very important when being a techie in a primary, they need the whole package!

    Glad to see there are more and more people joining this group (although it's quiet) it means that primary schools are finally getting the support they need with I.T, whether it be a teacher with a keen interest or a share of a full time techie, excited to see how much further primary schools can move with regards to curriculum resources with an I.T twist!
  3. cgiuk
    Hi..just thought i'd reply and agree with everything you just said. It's nice to know there's a place on here where we can talk to other primary schools. It can get a little intimidating when you're asking advice from a techie at a 1000+ pupil academy Will be good to see what kind of technology other schools are using.
  4. sparkeh
    I love working in primary schools. Very nice places to work.

    Plus you get to manage *everything*
  5. itguy22
    Ive been working in primary schools for 2 years now. Great Job, Always something new to find. Hope I can be of sum assistant please PM me with any questions.

  6. TechSupp
    Been doing it for nearly 6 years now, its an ever changing environment. I do teach as well though (half the week in bits, just ICT) so I do get some kind of break from technical all the time. Found time just flies by...oh except when things go badly wrong!
  7. badger2473
    been in primary schools for 5 years now site manager and IT fixer when they break it, which happens a fair bit. got a new school being built that will be opening in 12 weeks all new IT being installed more fun soon then...
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