There, Their and They're

  1. seustice
    One of my favourite email threads with a potential supplier:

    Please remove me from your mailing list because:

    a) I’m not interested
    b) I don’t work with people who do not know the difference between there, they’re and their.


    Simon Eustice

    To: Eustice, Simon
    Subject: Office 365 Student Advantage

    Hello Simon,

    How’s the weather up their? J

    Microsoft announced new program that will be really beneficial for you and for your students – the Student Advantage Program. As of 1st of Dec 2013, Academic organisations who have Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Education A3 or Office 365 Education A4, or Office Professional Plus through OVS-ES, EES or School contracts will be eligible for Office 365 ProPLUS for Students at £0 cost.

    Attached you can see the official announcement from Microsoft.

    The £0 value SKU will be available as of 1st of Dec.

    Please, feel free to let me know any questions.

    Many thanks
  2. elsiegee40
    I corrected, in red pen, the first third of an incredibly poorly written snail-mail flyer from a book company to our school and sent it back to them. The grammar and spelling were awful!

    I received a phone call from a senior suit at the company thanking me and £100 of book tokens for my school
  3. witch
    I've done the same with the new website of my favourite local coffee shop - no vouchers as yet!
  4. StevieM
    I wouldn't buy anything from anybody who put so many kisses at the bottom of they're email!

    By the way, have you seen the picture of an email that I received from a guy who prints raffle tickets?
  5. LeMarchand
    Raffle tickets: oh dear!

    Mind you, a friend runs a (successful) printing firm. When I did a stint I was appalled at the standards of spelling and grammar of the designers, and that the customers rarely picked up on the errors!
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