"Up to 200% or more!"

  1. LosOjos
    I'm currently getting really irritated by an advert on my phone which states I could increase my battery life "up to 200% or more!"

    Well, which is it? Is it up to 200%? Or is it more? It cannot be both!
  2. GrumbleDook
    Also, why say 200%? This is a personal gripe of mine where people (that evil, irish, pop neanderthal that is Mr Walsh as an example) constantly say "you gave that 110% tonight!" to contestants on shows or to sports people. You have to give a point of comparison, and it is the same with these flamin' stupid adverts about battery life. The fine print you see on the screen which gives you a comparison, where it is shown, is gone too quickly to make sense of it.
  3. Gatt
    As my wife just said, you never walk in to a shop and ask for "125%" of that cake..
    The cake could be 100% of one cake + 25% of another cake, making a larger cake - that is 100%.
  4. StevieM
    Sorry, @GrumbleDook, you're wrong about it being the same. A 200% increase in battery life is the same as saying tripling your battery life. Your current battery life is the point of comparison.

    (I know the post is almost two years old, but I've only recently joined the group and I have to make up for lost time! )
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