1. witch
    Sorry, just need to vent..
    I have spotted 8 misplaced apostrophes on edugeek in the last ten minutes. It has to be bad education - One geek can spell disingenuous but cannot sort out where an apostrophe is supposed to go.......
  2. GrumbleDook
    Can I just point out that your use of the ellipsis is incorrect? You should be using '...' and not '.......'! Admittedly, you have used it correctly by using it at the end of a sentence with no space after the last word, whereas I put in a space and use it as an extended pause between parts of a sentence or between sentences. Still, perfection is over-rated. ;-)

  3. Gatt
    GD - She is stressed out...
    Give here a little bit of leeway
  4. Abaddon
    Oh please - "her" not "here". EduGeek - spelling matters!
  5. GrumbleDook
    I do believe that a smiley at the end of a sentence is insufficient punctuation. Perhaps you might have put in an exclamation mark? I am sure that that would have worked.
    Ah ... the splendid relief of pedantry appears to be the perfect way of relaxing after a terrible day.
  6. Gatt
    Oh dear god - I cannot believe I made such an error!
    And in this group too!
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