It's not just us!

  1. LeMarchand
    A report on BBC News suggests that spelling errors can lead to lost sales for online retailers.

    I'm none too convinced by the methodology above, but I know that one retailer almost lost a sale to me when I couldn't find a book because they had spelled the author's name incorrectly.
  2. LosOjos
    I agree to a certain extent. If it's a company I've never purchased from before, spelling or grammar errors does put me off buying from them; if they can't be bothered to create a professional website, how can they be expected to deliver a professional service?
  3. witch
    I suppose I am old-fashioned but if a site is badly spelled and the grammar is shot, I am definitely put off.
  4. elsiegee40
    I received a flyer, in my school librarian role, that was so poorly written and punctuated that I corrected the first paragraph with a red pen and sent it back to the company. I pointed out that their flyer was useless given that it was targetted at Literacy Co-ordinators and School Librarians; pretty much all of us would offended. I received a phone call thanking me from a horrified and ashamed MD... and a £100 book voucher which was useful!
  5. witch
    You don't want to know that you spelt 'targeted' wrongly, do you?
    Mind you, getting a book voucher - I bow to your expertise!!
  6. elsiegee40
    I'm posting from the mobile version on an ipod touch... Unfortunately there's no edit button for groups, so unless I can get to a PC in time I can't correct my cack-handed typing on the ipod's minute on-screen keyboard
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