Pedantry causes family rift

  1. elsiegee40
    ED says I'm weird as I sit watching a promotional DVD and moan that the captions contain punctuation mistakes and the word Co-Ordinator instead of Co-ordinator.

    YS takes me to task for criticising his GCSE English language revision guide for blatant punctuation mistakes.

    Is there no hope for me?
  2. witch
    No, none!
    I was looking at a brochure send out by a posh jewellers and found several missed apostrophes, sentences with too many commas etc.
    My children dont let me check things - but my son's girlfriend knows a good thing when she sees it, and sent me her dissertation to spell and grammar check!
  3. GrumbleDook
    "dont"? Oh dear...
  4. witch
    The ' key doesn't always work on my laptop - so there!!
  5. elsiegee40
    Excuses, excuses!
  6. Domino
    All depends on what she meant...

    DONT is a conventional overcall against an opposing 1NT opening bid. DONT, an acronym for Disturb Opponents' NoTrump, was designed by Marty A. Bergen, and is therefore also referred to as 'Bergen over Notrump'. ...
  7. witch
    Yeah, what he said...
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