Is it any wonder that standards are slipping...

  1. LeMarchand
    ...when a teacher has to ask me how to spell "librarian"?
  2. creese
    We all know it's L i b r a n.

    Why didn't they ask the Librarian?
  3. witch
    At least someone asked! I despair at the number of spelling and grammar errors I have seen in the presentations and displays at Universities I have been visiting with my daughter
  4. srochford
    I'd say it's a sign that standards aren't slipping - someone realises that they're not sure how to spell a word and asks for help - that's surely a good thing!
  5. LeMarchand
    I'm just amazed at how can they teach others when simple words (and dictionary usage - she was actually in the library at the time) elude them?

    If I was asked to spell floccinaucinihilipilification (which I - amazingly - didn't need to resort to a dictionary for, though I did double check it) I'd think "fair enough", but library? Perhaps she should spend less time on Facebook and reading trashy magazines and more time reading decent books.
  6. LosOjos
    Today I received an email from the English HoD here. It contained: "I still haven't asked her too do that." The students have no chance.
  7. superfletch
    Complete guide to

    It probably isn't fair on the OP for me to re-post this in "pedantic", but I couldn't help it as it is just plain bad.
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