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  1. LeMarchand
    So, I was doing the weekly shop when I noticed that somehow the point of sale team in the Sainsbury's had failed to spot that their sign for "Air Fresheners" had been printed as "Air Freshners". I was tempted to point this out when I got to the checkout, but realised that it would likely go in one bored ear and out the other. Luckily the shopping list was quite light, so I fashioned an "e" from a blank bit of the paper and stuck it on the sign. (I wonder if my correction and/or the sign will be there on my next visit on Tuesday?)

    I wanted to announce myself as the Grammar Guerilla, which alliterates much more pleasingly, but that would have been inaccurate...
  2. elsiegee40

    I've have been tempted to go out with a marker pen in my pocket SO often!
  3. witch
    Especially when you get to the '10 items or LESS' aisle
    It's FEWER, FEWER damn you!!!
  4. HarryMonkey
    Now that really is one of my pet hates. I hear it from teachers too ... I've got less kids in my class this year or some such remark, from people who should know better.

    Another one that I frequently hear when trying to solve a problem ...

    Me - Where are you now?

    Teacher - I'm sat in front of my PC.

    No, no, no. You WERE sat or you ARE sitting.

  5. LeMarchand
    Re "those who should know better", I recently heard one telling a child that they might of done something. Grrr...

    The "E" was still flapping on the sign a week later, by the way!
  6. witch
    The 'might of' scenario is becoming prevalent these days I'm afraid. My dad always said it was people mumbled - they said 'might've' which became might of in time.
    The one that really upsets me, but I must just accept it as even the great Bill Bryson says that language must evolve, is:
    Bored OF instead of bored WITH
    It is everywhere now, in print in quality newspapers, on the TV and so I think there is little hope that it isnt going to become a part of the english language Bah!!
  7. LeMarchand
    My correction is still there, 2 months later...
  8. LeMarchand
    They've finally removed it! Mind you, they have just re-opened after a refit. I think they must be waiting for a corrected sign, as there's a missing header in that area.
  9. witch
    Keep an eye out, and don't be afraid to re-correct if necessary!!
  10. GrumbleDook
    I had a long discussion about "bored of" and "bored with" recently ... a very nice bloke who was a part time etymologist (but full time Pastor) who had given up correcting people, mainly because some *do* use it correctly.

    The inference of 'of' is that something has caused you to be so bored you can no longer do it, but 'with' infers that although you are bored you are still doing it. So, "bored because of" has been shortened to "bored of" ... but as with many of these things the improper use seems to be the reason it crops up all the time, not down to language shift.

    As a result I have decided to take people to task about the use of 'of' and 'with' ... and asking if the are bored because of something or bored with something ... (ie if they say "bored of" I will ask them if they are bored with it and vice versa) and then I am happy to round on the ignoramus for being a waste of spoken space!
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