Hello and welcome

  1. elsiegee40
    To those of us troubled by the general mis-use of English.

    If you've got a better image for the group logo, let me know.

    Bad typing, mispelling and poor grammar will be accepted on here, as long as you are prepared to be corrected!
  2. srochford
    Definitely a good idea (or do I meen definately, definatly or even defiantly!)
  3. mac_shinobi
    As in grammatically challenged and absolutely hopeless at spelling, punctuation etc etc
  4. Domino
  5. Trapper
    To quote some of the most intelligent men who ever lived: Outstanding! I r here!

    Seriously though, you should meet a guy I went to University with. He is King of the Grammar Police - in the less PC days we used to call him Derr Grammar Fuhrer, and yes he could be that savage! - never drunkenly mix up there, their and they're on a BB forum!
  6. 36Degrees
    Surely that should be Der Grammatik Führer?

    Where's the "get me coat" smiley?
  7. danieldainty
    Wow, I'm glad I found you guy's!
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