Old Farts

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  1. edcirh
    Stick me on the list as well guys... (I know it's difficult to believe wot with me looking as young as I do...)
  2. Bigape
    Me too - I've been officially designated the departments MOG (miserable old git)
  3. DaveP
    As a group holding meetings in this room?

    [Only 3 at a time?]

    Source: Link
  4. mattx
    Nice to see [ & possibly smell ] some new Old Farts. Welcome Farts.
  5. Nollauno
    Well I was 40 this year so I came a knocking at the door!
  6. kitsch
    Old? Some of you young whippersnappers don't know what 'old' is... in my day, old was REALLY old... people knew what old was then. Nurse? ... NURSE! ....
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