Old Farts

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  1. jdoyle
    46.... ;-(

    First intro to IT was at Swindon College in 1979/1980 (never had any PCs at school) -working on a teletype and paper tape. 2 Superbrain PCs in the whole place with 8inch discs.....
  2. mattx
    Lots of old farts now - impressive.
  3. Frenchy
    Hi All,

    I definitely qualify on the age (42) if not the experience…

    Lots of interesting posts for a relative newbie.
  4. Toold
    Hi There
    How about 58 but still going strong, senile or wot.
  5. alan-d
    I take it you old farts have run out of steam and stopped posting then? Is it just me or do you find that you seem to forget things more and more? I set up a virtual server and installed moodle. Got distracted by other jobs and priorities etc and 3 months later decided to set up another test moodle site on our web server - completely forgot about the virtual one!
    Please tell me I'm not alone!
  6. bossman
    Hi everyone, yes it's me at last owning up to being an old fart 1959 was a very good year for champagne especially vintage Bollinger hehe "The names Bond Brooke Bond" hehe!
    I take it everyone remembers the chimpanzee adverts!
    anyway it's good to see so many of you on here you all do a fantastic job so there and if you think that is patronising in any way shape or form then tough sh*t get over it.
  7. mattx
    All my sh*ts are tough these days - must go to the quacks.....
  8. bloxy
    Born in 68, feel very old this afternoon and the farting is most offputting
  9. Gibbo
    I've got to that age where technology is getting the better of me. I can no longer set up and programme a video recorder.
  10. kennysarmy
    add me to your farty list
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