Old Farts

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  1. Ashers
    Well I just scrape in at 37 this year!!!!!and the count down to retirement can start.....
  2. d_woods
    I'm in at 38 and for felling old I have 3 children the oldest of which is 17 this October. I have to admit to keep being told I have a metal age of 4 from my work colleagues.
  3. t4ll1f3r
    Old enough to have been there for the birth of econet!
  4. spookingdorf
    Hello fellow lodsters. At 45 this year I'm sure I qualify. Not liking it though...being 45. I am not a number.
  5. Barneyr
    Hi all. Getting on a bit so thought I would see you lot here
  6. giantwasp
    Hi everyone.. Just thought I'd say a quick 'Hello'

    I'm 42, and have been in the IT Industry since '86 - does that qualify me for Ubergeek status?
  7. SteveLaw
    Hiya, a nice round 40 years here.
  8. moggy
    Since I'm a member of the 'Old Buggas' of ICL (now Fujitsu) I may as well be an old fart too. Ah the heady days of Elliott 903's and 4100's.
  9. maz8462
    'Old Fart' I might be, but I'm a good one!!! Worked in IT, teaching and maintaining for many years, Oh and although you should never ask a lady her age, I'm 46
  10. mattx
    'Old Farts Of The Edugeek Forum........ FART !!! '
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