Old Farts

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  1. ajbritton
    Better sign myself up as I'm over the hill!
  2. elsiegee40
    I'll own up to being...

    ...the higher side of 40. *Dusts cobwebs off the punch cards *

    Daughter (then aged 5): "Mummy when you were little everything was black and white wasn't it?"

    Me: "Only the television..."
  3. Roger
    Could I be the oldest member of Edugeek ?? are there any Senior Citizen benefits !!
  4. tech_guy
    Here, here's a 'bus' pass....

    [crap joke - I'll get my coat]
  5. mattx
    Nice to see that there are more Old Farts than the Apple Mac Appreciation Group...... ;-)
  6. tech_guy
    Yes. Bring it on!
  7. markwatkins

    Old farts... yep I qualify not quite bus pass but rapidly approaching!
  8. manxdan
    didn't realise i had a doppelganger.
    Actually I'm a mole double agent moonlighting from the Apple Mac Appreciation Group

    "you ain't seen me right"
  9. mattx
    What is going on ? An Old Fart Apple Mac User ? This group has been infected !!
  10. seacider
    I thought That I would be the oldest fart here but I feel positively young at 47, even though when I was at school computers were the size of a house, it was only 301 years since I saw my first at the then Guardian Royal Insurance HQ in Lytham Lancashire. (oops meant 31 years)
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