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  1. GrumbleDook
    /me watches the tumbleweed roll past
  2. GrumbleDook
    Ok folks

    A quick heads up for everyone. This will come out in the Schools Factsheet and hopefully an announce on here tomorrow too. I will also try and send out a bulk email to everyone but please pass this on to as many people as you can.

    Friday 15th Feb, 1-3pm, Learning Discovery Centre, Northampton.
    IT Managers' Meeting.


    Format and aims of future meetings
    Information from EMBC / Synetrix for pre- and post- migration.
    Free resources

    Hope to see you all there.
  3. GrumbleDook
    Thanks for the good response I had from the last event.

    Preliminary date for the next one if Friday 25th April (Friday on the first week back after easter hols). More details will be made available the week after next.

    PS Kim has been volunteered to help on the ICT Support section of the LA learning platform and Vik to help create some tutorials. Other mugs^Wvolunteers will be requested over the next month or two.
  4. apoth0r
    I would be more then happy to help with any LP+ tutorial stuff you want doing, just give me a PM Vik if you want a hand with anything. Just embarking on it ourselves so will be more then happy to note down my findings.
  5. techyphil
    Should I Join the Midlands group as well? Oh btw I'll checkout the jabber gubbins tomorrow. Awesome work!
  6. vikpaw
    got my vids done now. most valid one now will be changing homepage and the proxy settings.
    they are obviously of most use to primaries, but could also be used for giving to users if you want them to make the changes themselves.
    i thought i might do one on setting up outlook to do pop but i want to check out how well the OWA works first.
    i do take requests as well if anyone wants a particular video tutorial.
    should i post them somewhere on the site grumbledook?
  7. CPLTD
    Hiya Guy's,
    Based in Northamptonshire as an IT supplier but have 15 years experience in IT so would like to think we are suppliers with Knowledge so If I can be of any help it will be a pleasure guy's

    Best Wishes

  8. GrumbleDook
    Just a quick reminder ... I have tried to get messages out to all secondaries at least for this.

    Northants IT Managers' Meeting
    Friday 25th April 2008
    1 - 3pm
    Learning Discovery Centre, Northampton.

    For more details email
  9. ASJ
    Hey Guys, Thought I would join here as I live and work in Northants
  10. GrumbleDook
    Thinking about having a lunch time / afternoon pizzafest during the hols as a bit of a catch up. Probably the last week of the hols to give people a breather. If you are interested let me know.
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