North East

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  1. SteveLaw
    Hiya, born in Middlesbrough, living in Billingham. Just finishing working in Durham and start in Billingham in September.
  2. adhutton
    Working at Woodham CTC, Newton Aycliffe.
  3. bossman
    Hi all,
    thought it was about time to join the group.
    Bishop Barrington School
    Co Durham
    Bishop Auckland
    Staring BSF in the face 2011 but what the hell!!!
    webman as me trusty sidekick,
    sat here doing the Sims upgrade with all the patches ho hum!
    should be at McDonalds with a big Mac and fries MMmmmmmm!!!
    Catch yer all l8ter
  4. pagelad
    Living in Newcastle, working in primary schools in Jarrow and Hebburn
  5. northern_bloke
    I live in North Shields, but work In Prudhoe.
  6. sharkster
    live in Redcar, work at Priory Woods School, Middlesbrough
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