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  1. sammy
    Hi Guys,

    I managed to ride a new Harley Rocker over the weekend....possibly not the right cup of tea for most poeple who seem to be sports bike fans....but its certainly a special bike. Low riding seat...huge 240 rear tire....chopper style sissy bars...and a grumble that could wake the dead. I think im in love :-)
  2. steve_nfi
    Hi all
    Just back on 2 wheels last year after a rather long break. Currently riding an old Yamaha Virago XV1100 and loving it.

    Previous bikes were BSA C15, Honda CB250, Honda CX500, Chopped T120 Triumph that I built, Honda CBX550 then long break 'til now.
  3. pscott
    Currently riding Kawasaki ZX6R F3, had it 4 years now (and full lisence), Had a DT125R before then, was a fairly big jump, but enjoyed it!

    While it was in the garage with the battery being sorted out (when sold to me, wasn't told it had a alarm on it, was deactivated but drained the battery completely in 12 hours!), had a Yamaha Fazer that I "wrote off", was pulling out a junction, about 3mph when rear wheel span up, and ficked me off, smash all panels, snapped both mirrors off (where I landed, breaking 2 ribs), scratched the engine cover and frame.

    Painful for my ribs and my pocket!
  4. sammy
    Looks like the bikers are finally coming in....

    I have managed to avoid the injuries so far...but then i suppose its probably becuase i have managed to avoid really pushing the bike to where it needs to be...anyone done any track days or can recommend any courses specifically for learning get knees down?
  5. sammy
    Hey Steve....Yamaha Virago XV1100 those cruiser style bikes myself....absolutley love em....just wish we had better weather here in the UK for them......

  6. sammy
    How many of you guys been out on the roads in the last few weeks of snowy weather....if you have your braver then me.....i finally managed to pull the old warhorse out of the shed last week....hopefully there wont be any more snow.
  7. TechMonkey
    Back on the last few days after an extended period after being an idjeet and going out in the snow. All fixed now though and huzzah Though still bedding in a new rear tyre so it feels a bit squirmy!

    Currently on a Kawasaki 750s, no injuries (to me) & been riding a year. Lovin it!
  8. Zer0kbps
    This is cool, geeks and bikers, anyway, living in Hinckley n all I ride the obvious brand for my town, I ride the big cat with the 1050 lump, the one that's not really designed for off-road duty I like fast looking bikes, not too much chrome.
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