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  1. sammy
    Hi there,

    would love to hear about what your riding , good or bad stories...or just plans to move into the glorious world of biking.....scooter riders are also welcome....nothing more fun then scooters on a sunny summers day..

  2. FragglePete

    Been riding for in excess of 18 years now, but currently ride a '96 Honda VFR750F for the past 7 years.

    Had a trip last year to the Isle of Mann. Two weeks after the TT, so the TT circuit was still marked out and although the weather was a bit iffy, had a fantastic time riding around the circuit.

    Did blog the trip here with some pictures, Look back to the June 07 entries for some imagery.

    Great fun.

  3. sammy
    Hi Pete,

    just been on your blog, nice pics...sounds like a great weekend you guys had. Im on a Suzuki 500 at the moment and thinking of something tastier now...perhaps a R6...just hope i can get used to the riding position and backache. I would love to do a trip to the Isle of Man...preferably during race weekend. I've been watching the weather getting bad rapidly here in london over the last 2 weeks....its going to be a dark and wet winter.. :-(

    PS. Im all over the shop when it comes to sports bikes like the GXXR's and the R6's...but still attracted to the impracticality of the choppers.....hence the pic of the Harley Rocker.

  4. Marci
    Wotcha - owned a few, pix are knocking about... Currently on a luverly CBR600 which hauls my ass around all year round. No preference to style of bike here... I'll happily ride anything as long as it's got some guts...
  5. sammy
    Hey Marci,

    so your a it...that kart your on looks fun....apparently thats where hamilton got his start....might have to give one of those a try sometime.
  6. Jim
    hi guys, surprised to see this group on here, but glad none the less.

    I currently ride an R6, picture added to the side. took it to the Nurburgring this year, had the time of my life. well recommended for anyone who rides a bike.
  7. sammy
    Hi R6 rider....i love those bikes.....i almost bought one last week...then was told that the 09 R6 with the new colour palette is being released shortly so im holding off for a few months....

    looks like you have a 08 looking machine....wats it like ? and how come you havnt gone for the tail tidy ?
  8. Jim
    I have got the tail tidy on it, that's just an old pic, I'll have to get a newer one as there are lots of upgrades on it now. It's actually an 06 plate though, there isn’t really much of a difference in style between the 06 and 08 from what I’ve seen. All seems to be engine mods more than anything else. I've upgraded various parts for it. Got the R&G tail Tidy, HEL braided hoses, Galfer Wavy discs, Harris carbon rear hugger, Gilles Rearsets, and as you can the see the old Rossi scheme from 06.

    It's great to ride, the rearsets made a big difference. I've done a few long rides on it no problem. did Valencia and back on it in 3 days no probs, no aches.

    I noticed you've put a picture of the black track bike, is that yours? very nice looking machine!!
  9. Jim
    just uploaded a couple of newer pics. 1 is the R6 with the parts on. the otehr is my old CBR 400.
  10. sammy
    I wish that black track bike was just a pic i saw on the net...need to get myself a bike...

    apparently the 06 bikes sound alot better then the newer 07 and 08 bikes because of the additional catalytic convertors etc they implemented...might be bulll but im sure i have heard a few people say that...... liking the Rossi scheme.
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