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  1. apoth0r
    Just wondering if you've found any really good KS1/2/3 SCORM resources on you net travels!

    I've found a few recently which I have posted links for below, just wondering if anybody else has come across any other banks of resources.
    Does anyone know how to easily create SCORM packages, I've looked at the eXe stuff and it's still a little confusing, anyone made any examples. Is there a SCORM to make a SCORM (paradox!!!)

    Enjoy, - Leaves & Photosynthesis - Covalent Bonding - Cells - The Earth and Moon - The Solar System - Renewable Energy
  2. apoth0r
  3. apoth0r
  4. tinfoilstar
    Im looking for the classical "Disection of a Frog"... Free if possible
  5. apoth0r
    Hmm, very hard to find freebie SCORMS, haven't had a chance to continue the search but will do when the major work is done this summer. Will keep you posted if I find any articles regarding your topic. Tempted to write a few SCORMs myself for major topics covered in the main subjects. Let me know if you need anything and i'll see what i can do.

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