Moodle Vs Fronter

  1. zorojoj
    Can anyone tell me what are main differences between Moodle and Fronter ,in terms of maintenance , GIF and other aspects
  2. apoth0r
    Unfortunately I haven't used Fronter. What I can tell you about Moodle though is that it's superb maintenance wise. I've had no real big problems since it was installed, the only thing i'm trying to fathom is stopping the kids changing their profile names etc. Anyone knows let me know
  3. mb2k01
    Hi apoth0r,

    If you use LDAP authentication it is easy.
    Log in as admin, go to Users > Authentication > LDAP Server >
    Scroll down to the Data Mapping section and make sure that the First Name and Surname fields are set as Locked (obviously with LDAP enteries for the system to pick up the names they have in AD)
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