1. TechMonkey
    Any chance people could stick up a link to their Moodle, possibly with a quick run down of how long it has been going, rough uptake by staff and students, what they think is great about theirs or what they are hoping to do?

    Where we are slowly getting a build up for our Moodle I am getting more staff asking about what other places are doing or what it could end up like. Be nice to have some shining examples in one place.
  2. apoth0r
    We started it approximately beginning of February, been working very closely with an ICT Teacher and have come up with some good ideas so far. Hoping we can keep the tech and the T&L close together so we can have the ideal platform :-)
    Mainly working on tutorials at the moment because it's the teachers that supply the content, so they need to know how to do it.
    I'm hoping it's going fully live as of Easter, but the teachers have picked up on it very well I have to say. They seem eager for content to go on and are asking me lots of questions, I hope you guys are having the same feedback as I have. Very encouraging.
  3. mb2k01
    You can access ours here
    We went live in Sep09 and have every teacher and ever student logging on regulaly. Content is being updated and added all the time, and the sytems is being developed continually ad-hoc.
    The theme stands out quite a bit from conventional ones out there - and are heavily based on the work of Shaun Daubney, which are freely available on the Moodle.org site
  4. ShorehamGeek
    The moodle server has been available here for a couple of years. The real stumbling block is getting the teachers to invest the time in setting up their courses. However we have one member of staff who is leading the way, and I hope the uptake will improve.
  5. Colthefish
    Welcome to the Nova Hreod VLE

    Ours went live two years ago also. The take-up has been very slow, although a couple of teachers are quite fond of it.
    The theme is based on Custom_Corners, with a smattering of Clouds and quite a large lump of EduMoodle.
  6. gshaw
    Redbridge IAE

    Here's our one currently in development. Had a failed project a couple of years back but I've got a much better feeling about this. Theme is based on Shaun Daubney's Aardvark with some customisations for a nicer menu and tweaked to our branding \ colour scheme.

    Also hoping to get the Microsoft Live Services block in there but it's a right pain at the moment
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