What are you working on?

  1. apoth0r
    Hi guys, just wanted to start a thread to find out what people are currently doing with their VLE.
    As a real-life example I'm currently working on the tutorials for teachers, including the setting up of courses (the settings involved in doing so) and what teachers can do to differ their courses from others. Fortunately we have a department who have used Moodle before so they have done us a tip top example of their work. I'm hoping to have a guest login available soon (once the majority of the work is done) to allow yourselves to take a peak. I have to say my motivation has gone through the roof with this, I'm very excited to be a part of it. Better late then never I guess! :-)
  2. mb2k01
    Hi apoth0r!
    I managed to delegate the day to day Moodle admin to my assistant, but still keep an overview of it and add bits in etc.
    I've been busy "Theme"ing recently! Most of my themes are heavily based on the awesome themes available on Moodle.org from Shaun D from Newbury College.
  3. apoth0r
    I must admit i quite like having a play with the themes :-)
    One of the perks of the task. Although seeing a new course constructed is also quite rewarding, especially when a teacher has done it all themselves! :-)
  4. gshaw
    Currently trying to integrate this into our Moodle...

    Microsoft Live Services Plug-in for Moodle

    Would be great for our aim of collaboration, communication and socila learning but the block is definitely still a work in progress (as is the whole Live@Edu system by the looks of it)
  5. Devontechie
    I loved playing around with Moodle. But haven't really played with it for a while. Currently umemployed, so if anyone wants any help with Moodle, maybe I could help ya!
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