Midlands Techies

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  1. alan-d
    ...... and when did Northants become a part of the Midlands then? :P
  2. GrumbleDook
    Northants is EAST MIDLANDS ...
  3. wagnerk
    Another one from Northants here
  4. GrumbleDook
    Ken, we *do* have a Northants area too ...
  5. tech_guy
    I'm sorry, but the West Midlands and the East Midlands are not part of the Midlands. You all talk funny......

  6. jamin100
    Hey guys, I work in Birmingham for a primary school. Have previously worked for King Edwards VI five ways.
  7. alan-d
    I was born in the East Mids, I now live in the West Mids and I've travelled all over UK and the world in between.....................

    Of course I talk funny!!! :P
  8. Pottsey
    What do you lot think of a Midland hacking group? I was thinking of inviting another IT tech down to my school to attempt to hack my network. Then I go to their school and do the same. Could be fun and a learning experience which also benefits the school with more secure networks.

    Of course we have to be careful with signed bits of paper saying you have permission and wont case any damage e.c.t
  9. shreevie
    Hey guys. Currently living and working in Stratford-on-avon.
  10. JOrdan01070
    Working in a loverly Primary school at the back of the Blues ground in brum
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