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  1. Irazmus
    Signum - Ubuntu 6.06.
    BitTorrent (For Linux distros, etc)

    Used to have separate 2K3 server for testing/breaking but have moved into VMWare.

    Will probably replace later this year as I'm quickly running out of space.
  2. Trapper
    All changed now.

    I bought a cheap NAS enclosure for £30, Ebuyer offer, and run it as a remote file server.

    It's also great to run with Xbox Media Center in the living room, to save the electricity costs of having my desktop on all evening
  3. Marci
    A few freebsd boxes for doing webdev / video & audio transcoding
    2x laptops, 2x workstations (which all make up a complete digital recording study / video editing suite)
  4. soapyfish
    Here the List

    Digital ALphastation 500/500 running OpenBSD PF firewall
    HP-PA Risc B2000 Running Debian as file serverand Squid Proxy
    Sun Ultra 2 enterprise Running Solaris 10 was serving web page
    SGi Octane Running Irix 6.5.22 Not serving anything really
  5. achedgy
    1x Server 2008 with exchange 2007 to provide Outlook Web Access and activsync for iphone
  6. linker3000
    2 x Linux Servers running CentOS 5.x. One is a 'spare' used for dev work and 'stuff'. The primary server runs as a DNS caching proxy with MailScanner+SpamAssassin+ClamAV for handling mail for various domains I manage, Asterisk to provide VoIP services through the house and trunks to support several numbers used by me and my wife (who sometimes works from home), DansGuardian Web filter for my son's PC and 500GB mirrored storage for the household.
    I have just been given a 1U HP dual 3GHz Xeon server but the damn thing's to noisy to run at home.
  7. mjs_mjs
    aged 19 with 2 DC's (one 2000, one 2008), LAMP server, File server. Netgear and panasonic network gear.
  8. mjs_mjs
    1 windows 2000 DC with DNS,
    1 windows 2008 dc with all the rolls i could add except DHCP,
    1 ubuntu squid server (thats geeky),

    thats my server side neway.
  9. andydis
    hi there,

    sounds abit overboard compared to you guys but i have a rack cab with (all rackmounted):-

    1 x UPS pulsar evo 800
    1x LAcie 1GB 1TB NAS
    port 1GB switch
    Wireless controller with bridge
    1x AMD quad core 16GBRAM ESXi server running all the o/s's under the sun! - this is my testbed for projects
  10. superfletch
    The Mrs hates my computer tomfoolery so these are both in my garage which is cabled to my house.

    1 x HP Proliant ML110 G5 @ 1.X Ghz + 1Gb RAM, 250 GB.
    Runs Ubuntu (9)? OS

    Webserver (Http).
    File Server/Storage.
    SFTP Server.
    Can be woken up over the internet (only by me).
    Manages RDP Sessions to the rest of the house.


    1 x Dell Poweredge 600SC @ 2.4 Ghz + 2.5 Gb RAM, 2x 500 GB.
    Runs Windows 7 RC

    Backup and Images Storage,
    Can be woken up (only from the LAN),


    Thinking about a proper hardware firewall too rather than just using the router (just for fun).
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