bad start to the reason

  1. JoeBloggs
    hope it gets better from here!!
  2. timbo343
    fingers crossed although the 4-4-2 seems to work with the players we had out yesterday, much better than the 4-5-1... Should have been 4-0 though.. never mind.
  3. tom_newton
    Think the first 2 games we were better than the scoreline. Southampton are flying though, irritating since a large number of my colleagues are based there. Having said that, the first person to give me gyp about the result was support manager Tim, and he's Danish! *shrug*
  4. mrbios
    The referee was a 12th man for boro, we were destined to lose that one i think. I think i'll watch the full 90minutes of the hull match when it's up on LUTV as the sky sports commentator didn't really paint us in a good light even at 3-1 and 4-1 so i'd like to see where our failings were.
  5. timbo343
    Lets how we get a good result against west ham this weekend... Ooooh its on Sky Sports 1...
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