Scunny Match

  1. timbo343
    4 - 1!!!!! Whoop!
  2. steve
    Not bad at all, back in mid table.
  3. mrbios
    about as mid table as it gets too, 7 points off 3rd and 7points off 3rd from bottom. I think O'Brien made a fair difference to the defence but there is definitely an issue with schmeichal/Bruce/Connelly, Connelly is just plain crap and the other two have some major communication issues, I think our mid field did better today with the changes, i'd like to see nunez getting more game time though!!

    I'd like to see Connelly replaced and Lloyd Sam back but otherwise the same team as today.
  4. BIST
    Go Jonny Howson woop !
  5. torytechie
    Excellent match... Much improved, although, I was at Elland Road Last Monday for the Cardiff game and our performance wasn't that bad.
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