1. ZeroHour
    I just Jailbroke my iphone last night and was wondering if any of you have done the same and what apps would you call* essential*
  2. mb2k01
    Quite an old post, but as no one has replied I thought I would!
    Winterboard is a must, and the others I make regular use out of are Facebook, Cycorder and Shazam. The other top app I have on there but don't find much use for is MxTube - very quick and high quality!
    What ones do you have?
  3. mb2k01
    Oh the other app I use is OpenSSH for wireless file transfer - a must for pretty much anything, but mainly ringtones for me! (....my current one is the theme tune to the IT Crowd! Makes me smile everytime someone rings!)
  4. riskyburden
    navicom (satnav), works a treat. I drove to the isle of skye from falmouth and didn't need a map once.
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