Upgrading to 3GS software & adding MS Exchange email

  1. verygreenpc

    Upgraded my phone to 3GS so I could take advantage of copy and paste, and all of the 'new' features and it disabled my camera. Anyone know how to get it back? I called o2 and they said reinstall the software which I did and the same thing happened. I'm pretty upset because I've been on some stag do's and weddings, and my brother came over with his kids and I could've done with the camera working.

    Also our techies at work know their onions but I'll be buggered if they cannot get my email working on the iPhone. Anyone know why this would be happening? Again o2 are less than useless. To quote Theo Pamphlet, they're as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

  2. verygreenpc
    Update.... I did as was asked by O2 whilst on the phone to them and my whole phone had to be reset to factory settings. Because I hadn't yet had the chance to back up my phone, I lost everything. Cue ear roasting from me to Scottish O2 customer services rep. I nearly cried. I do love that phone though. Oh and the techies have now got the phone working with Exchange Server.
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