Independent School Techs

  1. mattx
    Boo !!
  2. ahuxham
    Isn't it just grand working in private education, no threat of the BSF initiative, no LEA's corrupting our QoS, however lack of Union, pay scaling, pension schemes (albeit I have a private one) etc do have their downfalls.
  3. john
    Agree huxham some nice things bout independent schools but does defo have its -ives
  4. Technophobe
    Hello lads & lasses, I'm I allowed in the gang if I'm not strictly a tech. I have just started working for an ISP that specialises in education. I'm not very technically advanced. But if I promise not to try and sell you anything I'd like to just hang out and see if I can learn anything that may benefit me at work. What it is that you specifically want from an ISP? How you've been let down, Support. No names need be given. I think you get the gist. Promise I won't babble so much in future! Cheers guys.
  5. Simcfc73
    Have to say I don't think I will go back into state, I may have a smaller budget but I work alone and have full control.

    Think I am relatively well paid too

    Just a shame the teaching staff think they are still in state.... I get sick of telling them 'if you want to be paid as much as state... then **** of and work in a state school, oh wait.... you can't handle it'

    Man... I started off being nice and slipped into mardy arse mode again

    Pub lunch day tomo though
  6. Technophobe
    Strangely this is somehow reminding me of school! Look at poor little Technophobe sat in the corner. Outcast and wandering lonely as an orphan in a Dickensian novel. Kept at bay by the big boys with no friends, no-one to talk to. Nobody cares, I'm nobody's child. Poor poor me. I may not have the same job as you but... we are connected like it or not. And I'm not the enemy. Or am I? Is that how you see suppliers? Let me know. Please!
  7. lanae
    I worked in two state schools, and I don't think I will go back into state again.
  8. jc1875
    I'm begining to hate working in education. Too many teacher/lecturers that think they know it all because they surf the net until midnight reading about how to snaffle videos from youtube.
    "Copyright? It's ok - we're a school"
    "But why can't I download from iPlayer and burn it to DVD?"


    A little knowledge (too little!) is a dangerous thing.

    Very grateful to have found some like-minded IT folks!
  9. Steady
    State or Independant there's not too much difference. Little quirks on each side of the fence make the other side look brighter. But the over riding maxim is :-
    Them that can - DO.
    Them's that can't - TEACH !!
  10. CadlaM
    Thought I'd join Ind Sch Techs. But it is a bit quiet in here. I find the various threads/blogs etc my first port of call for many IT problems, often edugeek comes up high on Google searches. Plus I find the MS Tech solutions mostly over complex or off target.
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