Swap a Techie?

  1. LeonieCol
    Hi all,

    I am looking to send my technician out on a school visit for a day as he does not have much experience of seeing other schools in an ICT environment and I think he will benefit from a bit of real experience!

    He has been an IT Tech here for a few years but then I came along(!) as IT Manager and moved all the systems over from RM to Vanilla. He has never had any experience of this and is used to just calling up RM whenever something goes wrong, so as you can imagine he can struggle at times with certain things.

    I just want him to be able to see another school who are similar to us, see the way they work and how they prioritise jobs and get things done. He lacks in being proactive so if there is anyone out there who feels proud of their hard working IT department and would like to show them off a bit, then I would be grateful if you would offer to have him shadow one of your technicians for the day. In return I am happy to have one of your technicians on another day. It's all good for the CPD!

    They type of school I am looking for would meet the following criteria:

    A department of two or more IT staff
    Server 2008 preferably
    Non-RM network
    A large amount of daily support jobs coming in
    In Surrey (or even Kent as that is where he lives)
    Fairly large school (about 400 or more students)

    If anyone thinks they might be able to help I would really aprpeciate it.

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