Anyone work in a boarding school?

  1. drewp
    Hi, was wondering if anyone here works for a boarding school? I do and I was wondering if I could talk to you about what your schools allow boarding pupils to access when the school day has ended.

  2. LeonieCol
    I used to work in one but don't anymore. The access was no different between day and night but only because every time I tried to talk to the management about it we never got anywhere.
    However as ALL the students were boarders it is easily justifiable to have the same access all day long. If you work in a school where some of the students are day students but you do not have terminal services or some sort of remote access from home then they are at a disadvantage with regards to accessing their work etc.
    With regards to Internet access, I think this should stay the same all day (although you may want to block access to something like hotmail / gmail etc during the day and allow it in the evenings)
  3. ASJ
    WE are about the same except for the pupils facebook and the like are banned during the daytime and prep time. After that and during the weekends it is mostly whatever they want to do, except for the usual "Black Sites"
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