Impero new installation

  1. JohnRMoore

    We have just had Impero installed an a few machines as a test and I can see network machines showing up when using 'Impero Console'. I am concerned however, that a shortcut named 'Impero Console' is also showing on student desktops. I was suprised by this, since I had imagined that the student machines would have had different client software. In your experience, is this normal? If so, is the best option to get the shortcut removed (even though they don't have the privileges to actually run the console, it just seems wrong to provide a shortcut to it!)


    John (newbie)
  2. mavhc
    They merged the console and workstation clients a while ago, it's a bit odd, you have to set up groups for staff and root users to disable the workstation, and also disable remote viewing. Can't remember where the no shortcut option is now though.
  3. DrPerceptron
    We've left the shortcut on the desktop. We just set a policy that denies students access to the EXE it points to. If the machine doesn't have impero on, no problems, if it's not on the network, no problems, if it's on the network they can't use it.

    Sort of handy when it comes to doing stuff in the room while lessons are going on and you need the workstation etc. We've been running like that for a few years and its never been a problem. I also have a group in the console that it shown to Domain Admins (or Impero Admins in our v4 case), that shows everyone with the Console open.
  4. russdev

    You can also set via group settings to remove the Impero Shortcut icon as well..

  5. JohnRMoore
    Thanks everyone, that's a relief! The network team are currently adding on all the other machines this week. I am slightly concerned that I have a browser folder entitled 'entire network'. When other teacher machines have impero installed, does this mean I will be able to take control of other teachers machines? I'm not sure they will be happy with this! Ideally, I would like all teachers to 'see' all other teachers, but not be able to interact without some sort of agreement eg "jmoore wishes to take control of your machine" of "jmoore wished to send you a file" Yes/No/Cancel. Is this possible? Perhaps this happens by default. I would like to tie down how the system should behave since I am being asked to test it! Any advice appreciated.
  6. Mr.Ben
    You need to set up a few groups (Impero Administrators, Impero Staff etc) and you can limit what anyone can see using permissions.

    Good practice is to remove the All Network Group from anyone but administrators
  7. DrPerceptron
    Under Workstation Settings, there is an option for Ask if Allowed for remote control sessions. Can't say I've ever used it though.
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