copying policies to other groups

  1. kath
    Does anyone know how to copy a policy to other groups? We have a shutdown policy that we do not want to apply to all computers, but we do want it to apply to all computer lab groups. This is taking me an age to do individually so I reckoned there must be a quicker way!

    Even a way of copying the schedule from one day to another would be a great help.

    Many thanks in advance for any help forthcoming.
  2. russdev
    Hi Kath

    You create a policy on the entire network level and keep it disabled. You can enable the policy on different groups (anything not enabled on entire network will show as a policy to enable on other groups).

    Hope that helps let me know if need any more advice.

  3. kath
    Yes, I know that. What I do not want to do is set the schedule individually for each group – as I do not want the policy applying to all groups it is disabled for the entire network and I have to manually set up the schedule for each group.
  4. russdev
    Hello Kath

    What I would do is create a new group called Shutdown ICT Suite add all the computers to that group. Then can create a single shutdown policy on that group.

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