Impero Groups

  1. Hightower
    Is it possible to setup Impero so that:

    ICT1-Teacher can only see ICT1 machines
    ICT2-Teacher can only see ICT2 machines
    ICT1-Teacher can not see any machines (including the teacher machine) from ICT2
    ICT2-Teacher can not see any machines (including the teacher machine) from ICT1

    Just, we don't want teachers from one class messing with computers from another class, and we especially don't want to give teacher1 a chance to nose at what teacher2 is up to.

    Any advice on this please, and instructions if possible?
  2. russdev
    If they login into a teacher workstation in ICT1 for example called ICT1-T then using Impero server you can set Console Access rights to allow ICT1-T to see the ICT1 Group.1)Set up ICT1 Group with ICT machines in2)Open Impero Server3)open the Impero server software4)Settings Tab5)Console Access rights sub tab.6)New7)Select Computer8)Enter ICT1-T as name and click OK9)On right hand side choose Groups10)Select Entire Network and then give them no access11)Click Copy button on right hand side and say Yes to copy settings to other groups.12)Highlight the ICT1 group and give access to that group13)ApplyHope that helps if not give me a buzz back and will see what we can do,,
  3. Hightower
    Cheers @Russdev, will give that a go on Tuesday and feedback. I did try various things which didn't seem to work, but will try it exactly by your instructions and see what happens.
  4. russdev
    No problem give me a buzz or call support if run into trouble..

  5. Hightower
    Cheers @Russdev - tried those instructions step by step this morning and seems to be working exactly as I need.
  6. russdev
    No problem Hightower any time let me know if need any more help.

  7. ellisteph10
    I have just set this up over Half Term. Individual AD Groups for each room then allocate permissions on Impero to that group and add the staff on where they needed.

    Wont say its a success... until monday
  8. russdev
    Well feel free to give me ring if got any problems..

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