This From HICS Today: Problems with the web service: Monday 20th February

  1. DaveP
    Link: Problems with the web service: Monday 20th February | HICS

    Many schools are currently experiencing problems with accessing web pages. A message indicating that the web filtering service is unavailable is shown instead of the web page requested. This is not affecting all schools and in those schools that are affected it seems that the web service is not always denied to all machines.

    This is being investigated urgently by Updata as a Priority 1 incident but as yet we have no indication as to when it will be fixed.

    We apologise for the extreme disruption that is is causing as schools return from half-term. We will keep you informed of progress to resolution through these pages.
    Please forward [somehow] to other Herts based Techies who may not be able to see this message this morning.
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