Going To BETT? Here Is An Offer From The Herts ICT Team:

  1. DaveP
    BETT - there really is such a thing as a free breakfast with the Herts ICT Team

    Going to BETT can be the highlight of the ICT educationalists year. But it can also be mindblowing.

    Come and have breakfast with us on Wednesday 11th January 2011, we can update you on local and national developments whilst you eat, network with other Herts schools and we print off your tickets.

    Go on - start your BETT day the Herts way! Book your place now by sending an email to: adam.woulds@hertscc.gov.uk
    Link 1: HGfL: ICT: What's new

    Link 2: Start your BETT day the Hertfordshire way [PDF download]
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