HGfL: Web Filtering: Transparent Proxy

  1. DaveP
    This looks interesting:

    This service allows schools to deploy an Internet service for which no proxy settings are required. All access through this service will be filtered by a chosen policy with the central WF1 policy still providing the baseline level of filtering. There are no additional charges for the service except for the cost of a router where one is required (see below).

    The service is deployed by using a second port on your router and a separate subnet (it will be a 10. subnet rather than a 172. subnet). This makes it ideal for deploying as a wireless Internet access. Such a service could be used by staff and students to access the Internet from their own devices whilst still receiving an appropriately filtered service. It might also improve your attractiveness for evening and weekend lettings where visitors could have safe Internet access without needing access to your computers … they could bring their own.

    There will be no access between this service and other devices in your school which are on your original subnet unless those devices have been deliberately set up to allow access from the Internet. This means that your main school systems will be secure from your transparent proxy users but that if staff and students can access certain services from home (eg RM EasyLink or your Moodle server) then they will also be able to access them through the transparent proxy service.

    Of course this service does depend upon you having a suitable wireless infrastructure. It also requires a router for which there will be a charge if your school is currently connected without one.

    If you are interested in using this then please discuss it with your ICT support provider and then contact the Service Desk if you would like to proceed.
    Link: Web Filtering: Transparent proxy | HICS
  2. andyturpie
    Could be interesting. I may introduce this in our cafe and sixth form centre - thanks Dave!
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