Move Connection From NTL/Virgin To Updata

  1. DaveP

    I would like to know how the move is going for other Technicians/Network Managers/Schools in Hertfordshire?

    I have my reasons but I can't explain here. Please give any feedback you can.

    Many thanks.
  2. meastaugh1
    We were moved across in December, the migrartion was relatively hassle-free. Updata have mirrored the Virgin setup in terms of IP addressing and (proxy) names so you have little to reconfigure on site. New VPN connection credentials and PCFs had to be distributed, and any third party VPN connections had to be reapplied for (housekeeping exercise).

    Since April, when the Fortigate licences and definitions expired, we've not had much local granular control over the web-filtering, although Updata are in the process of piloting/deploying the element of Netsweeper (Fortigate's replacement) which will allow schools some control over their filtering (WF1-5 policies). The schools netsweeper interface is very simple, the loss of some finer level of control that you might be used to with a Fortigate box probably comes at a cost of that level of simplicity, but that's no surprise.

    We've had at least one loss of internet connectivity. This happened not long after we were migrated and was apparently because there was a problem with one of the datacentres, and the system to fail-over to the second data centre hadn't worked. Other than that, it's been fine though.

    Many of the first line helpdesk staff that were on the Virgin helpdesk are now on the SITSS helpdesk (for Updata). Since the HGfL helpdesk is now part of SITSS, this means that non-critical issues can be logged via their web-based helpdesk.

    Did you have anything in particular in mind?
  3. DaveP
    I had heard that the process was extremely problematic for some schools and I was curious to see how widespread this might have been. I am also curious to see how true these rumours I have heard are [Not only looking to hear from people saying how awful Updata are as that seems a little one-sided. I am sure that Updata have worked well. What are your experiences?]
  4. andyturpie
    We migrated around 3 weeks ago - Jim C from Updata provided excellent customer service. The only thing that went wrong for us was that our SMTP feed from RM was not routed down updata's VPN tunnel. Our exchange server did not recieve any emails for 8 days as RM and SITSS battled to find which relay our mail was getting stuck at. Kev at SITSS worked like a trojan to help troubleshoot the issue and kept us updated at all times. As there was no fault, but a setting needed to be altered, RM warned us that this would be chargeable and they were unaware we had a secondary domain. (we have had this for 4 years and they were billing us annually for it!)

    Apart from that I'm getting around 93mbps up and down
  5. andyturpie
    Inbox us your concerns - we're intregued!
  6. DaveP
    @andyturpie: The situation is difficult to explain. However I can say that I am not looking for information that I can use to bash Updata/NTL/SITSS/HGfL. I was trying to get a handle on our current situation by comparing us with the experiences other schools have had/are having.

    Thanks to all who have replied so far.
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