How to have a nice background image on your Fronter pages.

  1. GenieNitro
    Hello all,

    you may know how to do this already, but I thought I'd share because I am feeling pleased with myself for figuring it out!

    Anyway, it is possible to have a background image or tiled wallpaper on any Fronter page you design.

    Just do this...

    1) Upload an image somewhere and copy its address once it is in situ (or copy the address of a picture on the web).
    2) Create a new container anywhere on your page and choose to 'insert text'.
    3) When the text editor comes up, click the little 'source' button.
    4) In the source box type: <body background="full address of the picture you will use">
    5) Save and , voila, a pretty background picture.

    The background will show through the containers too so one needs to fill these with a table (one cell set to size=100%) that has a coloured background.

    I've been happily making pages since I found this out and feel Fronter is a much less drab place now!

  2. agiles
    Sorry but it does not work on my laptop ( Could it be something from Fronter's side?
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