Turning fronter: from a primary product to a secondary product

  1. jpwright
    at this moment in time, we are struggling to really use fronter to its potential because all the features seem to be targeting the primary market.

    things like drawing pictures for emails are 'nice' features but not really helpful in secondary.

    just wondering how people are fitting in vast resources and making all this 'interctive learning' possible?
  2. CAM
    Secondary admin here. We are using it for both staff and students. It's biggest benefit to us is the sharing of files online so staff and students can access stuff at home. Messages are also sent out to students by their teachers and forums are used in the online classrooms to get some discussion going on a topic. Recently the English department had a secret code assignment and the English groups discussing how to crack the code on Fronter's message boards.
  3. jpwright
    we are heading down a similar route, though I'd rather not let it become an 'online shared area'.

    I think all the forums and messenging are good ideas, and the scorm stuff seems to be fairly decent.
    just not sure how things like tests and learning paths are going to work effectively in secondary.

    if anyone wants to have a look at our attempts then I will PM a password, likewise I'd be interested in other peoples attempts!
  4. CAM
    We are using learning paths as part of page design. One page per unit and students flick through them to get information on the modules.
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