Fed up with Frog...

  1. duncane
    Just logged in to vent my frustration.

    Items on pages just seem to vanish of their own accord. You try to edit the page to put things back, the entire contents disappear.

    I have a frog voice database that says it's published - I preview it, and can see the threads, I view it live and the threads aren't there.

    Yes, I've filed a ticket. They're not exactly speedy at replying. I'm too busy to constantly keep on their case, and I don't really like doing that anyway.

    There's no FrogVoice to ask whether anyone else has had any problems - and just how long has FrogVoice on the Frog Community been down for maintenance now?


    If there were biscuits in the house I'd have eaten the lot of them by now. The left over apple crumble is calling my name...
  2. dozy
    I've just setup forum.frogvle.co.uk have a look and let me know if you think its a good idea
  3. duncane
    I'll have a look. (Sorry I didn't get back earlier.)

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