Female Techs

  1. Little-Miss

    The best man for the job is a woman!
  2. ljlbray
    Are there any of you having the luxury of not being the only girl in the office?? I wonder what thats like...
  3. Little-Miss
    I used to work with a female NM....it was a nightmare! lol, 2 women in a confined space isnt too good!
  4. kennysarmy
    my junior tech is a lady...i have had to tone down my language
  5. QMSIT1982
    sorry but i wudn't change the way i talk 4 any1 doesn't matter what their gender is, if they don't like they don't hav 2 listen. simple as.
  6. ljlbray
    I know for a fact the language didn't change in my office...I think I may have lowered the tone myself on too many occasions...Oops!!
  7. ButterflyMoon
    Have been known to lower the tone myself on occasion too lol
  8. tazz
    Surely "EduChicks" would be more appropriate?
  9. AMLightfoot
    I'm a female support engineer in an all-male team. It's quite nice actually. The way I see it, you can't work in an environment like IT if you are a sensitive type that can't take a joke and cries sexual harrassment every time a man mentions installing his hard drive into your spare bay! It's absurd! Political correctness gone crazy. I used to work in an office where everything you did and said was monitored and people 'raised concerns' about everything. It was so stressful and tiring that it's quite refreshing not to have to constantly examine everything I say for implication. Working in such a 'man-orientated' environment means you have to be thicker skinned and in a way 'tougher' but similarly men are simpler to work with. As for language, tbh it doesn't bother me at all. I'm not exactly a 'clean' speaker myself...
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