Which is your favourite part then?

  1. localzuk
    So, are you into a bit of Yarr!!!? Or do you prefer to sit and happily eat asteroids?

    What's your cup of tea?
  2. mossj
    I used to be a complete Yarr and wouldn't even touch the astroids unless there was a advantage to suddlenly lowering my traversal.

    Made 1 bill pirating (Div Inc/inca, *solo*,Muffin Factory, Capital Produce), then started a sec gain corp (Capital Produce)... made another bill there and made my sec positive again gave it to a friend and exploited frarn near rens (by myself).... made 14bill there.... then left the game £500 richer in RL

    All without touching a asteroid, sometimes i think about going back just for the lols.

    P.S bests

    ..fight was my dominix vs 13 assorted battleships, Battlecruisers and HACS involved alot of docking/undocking but killed there Macherial, scorp, nighthawk, cane, drake and they ran off after that....

    ..Soloed a VETO T2 frig gang in a smartbombing megathron, ended up podkilling Ruleofthebone

    Also if any of you guys want a way to keep baited agro for longer than 14mins without it being a exploit pm me and i will tell you the trick
  3. ahuxham
    Done it all, now on a semi-permanent break. Still train one of my alts up, 81m SP and counting. Maxed Missiles and Support skills and the rest. As MossJ stated, left EVE £1500 richer after selling various accounts off.

    Don't regret selling them at all Just keeping my current char ingame should I ever wish to rejoin.

    How long you been playing LocalZ?
  4. jpbishopATcablers
    I am umming and ahhing about signing up for Eve. How much are you paying for it and is it worth the outlay if i dont get vast tracts of time to waste each month playing. I understand that you can quire skills whilst not playing?
  5. ahuxham
    Indeed. Eve is a very unique game in the fact you can set a skill to train and leave it, even when off line and not playing, however as such everything is timed and skills are ranked in tiers so some take 35 days to go from IV to V for example.

    You can spend around 1-2 years perfecting and mastering the basic skills which all help in the end. A little bit of advice for a new player. Train your Tier I Learning skills to 5 and your Tier III skills to 4 as soon as possbile, the higher your learning skills the faster you train skills.

    I don't pay to play anymore, I have my Marauder, Marauder's 5, Golem, Faction fit. Spend around 3-8 hours a month doing missions, pay for ingame timecards and be done with it.

    It does take time to get where you want to go, but determination is key.
  6. Rydra
    Eve used to be all about "I'm a Pirate" or "I'm a miner" etc.

    But honestly I don't think you can play eve that way anymore without getting utterly bored of it all.

    Been playing eve, actively for 4 1/2 years, now a high-rank member of the biggest bunch of clowns in the game

    I live in 0.0, so I can make 60m an hour without trying, closer to 120m an hour if I go all pimped out. If I wasn't too busy with RL atm, I tend to pvp a fair bit, roams, pos bashing, the works. Also do T2 invention, Battleship production, trading, even a spot of mining if I need a specific resource.
  7. pete
    It depends - different chars do different things. My "main" hasn't undocked for nearly a year. My various alts do other stuff.

    Most fun though? Dogfighting in a rifter never gets old. Especially against cruisers.
  8. SmellyLlama
    hmm favourite parts, thats a tricky one. I really like even fights, they dont happen often but are good when they do. I used to love blapping ships on a lowsec gate we used to camp in Ihakana all the time. Sniper apocs instapopping frigates/pods, we had remote sensor booster ships and could instalock stuff too. mmm I like moving my 6.2bil JF full of a few bils worth of stuff into 0.0 and busy station systems, you get a good rush out of that. Cynoed into a system the other day only to have a couple of dreads and four carriers drop in right ontop of me! I docked up safe and they even left my cyno alt alone. phew!
  9. Linux_Nut
    Favourite part = Not dieing (To players or rats)

    Mining mainly now i'm back living in a wh, PVE the rest of the time.

    Been playing about 4 years, hulk pilot, domi pilot mainly.
    Lived hi-low-null and wh for at least 6 months each, tried pvp and found it wasn't my cup of tea. If i want to kill somone i'll go play battlefield or COD. currently training to fly all sub capital gallente ships aswell as carrier / Dred then re-specing to even out and train 'relevant' skills.

    Was a member of PSPR in WI for some time and still have about 500mills worth of assets locked in UG.
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