Crib walking in stations

  1. LiamH
    Currently unsubbed due to not having enough time to play, just wondered how the walking in stations is looking?

    Not a fan of the microtransactions store they have brought in, on a monthly subbed game anyway.
  2. Linux_Nut
    Apart from the fact it feels like double the time for entering stations it looks *pretty*, that said I used the option not to load station enviroment so all i see is a picture of a wall. again saying that i am now living in a WH so rarely see the inside of a station.

    NeX is a waste of time IMHO ATM, why spend the ISK (sorry aurum) for a set of trousers that nobody will be able too see (till they allow everybody to interact directly in stations)
  3. SmellyLlama
    I went to manfest, I mean Fanfest! In 2008, where I played a very 'beta' version of WIS. It was promised that it would be released in a year. They finally get round to it now and only release the captains quarters. More-so, you are forced to either goto your quarters everytime you dock or stare at a door instead. Many people have disabled the feature immediatley, no more spinny ship. It doesn't make any sense either, you're a pod pilot and spend most if not all your time in a pod, you wouldn't get out of your pod and wonder round the station while your ships refit it would all be done from within your pod. There is talk of an 'unpod' button sometime in the future.

    On to nex. Nex has made thousands of people cancel their subs. There is a lengthy post on the forums to this affect. After the leaked internal mail titled 'greed is good' loads more people ragequitted. They have since said there will never be game altering items for sale in the nex market, everybody remains unshure.

    ok, last bit.. Turrets, the turrets have been upgraded, god only knows how much time they have wasted on this! Yeah, they look cool for about 5 seconds until you zoom right out and get on with the game. Why oh why oh why can they not pool some of this energy into sorting out some of the games more important bugs/problems.

    rant over.

    been playing eve for a few years and now back after a year's break. Still enjoying it, just as always facepalming at some of ccps decisions!
  4. CAM
    Here is a trick for the captian's telly. Tolerated by the devs but not supported.

    ‪Adding your own videos to the CQ in Eve Online.‬‏ - YouTube
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