Hello Fellow Farmers!

  1. flexyjerkov
    Thats if anyone else here is a miner :P.

    Me here with my hulk mining for my precious scordite and plagioclase Flexy Jerkov is my name
  2. ZeroHour
    I am not mining as such but I am alwaysZeroHour on eve, complete noob though.
  3. Linux_Nut
    I run 2 char's, main is an almost fully specd hulk and PVE pilot, 2nd (Vladamier Fang) is my support char (Orca, Oneiros, Noctis).
  4. Rydra
    After 7 years of eve I'm still a noob. and mining is for macro'ers tbh now. Belt ratting is almost more profitable.
  5. CAM
    Arson Wulf

    Currently a student in E-UNI
  6. SmellyLlama
    Gave up on mining a looong time ago, much easier to grind out lvl 4's and then just buy the minerals. Or I hired some miners for a while and let them use my orcas bonuses and hauler. I did really well outta that.
  7. Linux_Nut
    Just getting back into mining as I have joined a friends corp in a WH (Not left my old corp - brought them with me) so now mining tasty ABC roids when I can, aprox 50mil an hour from last experience in a WH.
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