Tyrannis changes coming May 18th

  1. localzuk
    Browsing through the Dev Blogs, it seems the following is what we're getting in the new expansion:

    • Rework of tech 1 loot dropping from NPCs, so as to make mining the main source of minerals again, and to allow them to increase in value.
    • Inusrance is being changed, insurance payout will be tied to ship market value. They're also fixing the Tech 2/Tech 3 insurance problem of getting pittance for an expensive ship. Supercapitals are also being nerfed so instead of a 40% payout, they'll get between 1 and 10%.
    • Deep space safe spots are being nerfed. Any items still outside 10AU of a system will be destroyed when the new expansion is launched.
    • Planetary interaction - this feature intends to allow another industrial funding stream to players. To cut a long process short, this will be done by placing devices on a planet, which are used to gather resources.
  2. localzuk

    • Standings changes - A load of changes being made, to make standings easier to manage and more useful.
    • An in game calendar - personal and corp/alliance event tracking and planning.
    • EVE Gate (previously 'COSMOS' and 'New Eden' - this will be a web frontend for accessing game functions.

    So, sounds like it could be fun!
  3. Psymon
    Have only logged in to skill change the last 3 months or so due to FF XIII, Bioshock 2 etc...

    Logged on yesterday to find out were in about 8 wars lol.

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