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  1. apoth0r
    I'll kick things off by telling you guys what I'm upto at the moment with regards to my course with Advent Training. After being suckered in by the salesperson I started the CompTIA A+ about 2 years ago and quickly lost interest, having gone to one of the workshops they arrange for you I had a new revitilisation for getting through the certs. Passed my essentials and Technicians exams with relative ease and have now moved on the the MCDST stuff, which is a little like the A+ but alot better and a little more involving, having worked in the industry for 6 years in various roles I kind of find them mundane but at the same time I do learn little things that have certainly helped me recently.
    My plan is to get to at least "IT Professional" Standard by the end of the year and hopefully have my MCSE by the year after that. I'm studying the 2003 programme but it's all relative, and resonably easy to upgrade through your own learning, which i plan on doing!

    Anyway what you lot doing?? :P
  2. dwhyte85
    I received my MCSA in February, tempted to finish my MCSE but at the moment, looking to take a week bootcamp for my CCNA and do CEH & Security+ in my other week off - just need to find money for the exams on the latter 2.

    CompTIA is definitely a good route for neutrality and people are finally recognising the courses on CVs.
  3. andyturpie
    Hey, I'm also studying with Advent training doing the MCSE 2003 track, which I started 2 years ago, but I'm still doing A+ at the moment with about a month or so of re-revising I should be set to do my 220-602 technicians exam. I would have liked to pull my finger out and progress with studying but work and family commitments held me back, as I am now in a more relaxed working enviornment, I hope to get there ASAP.


    Andy Turpie
  4. apoth0r
    I hear that Andy, it's not exactly riviting stuff is it
    I found just hitting the workshop and absolutely blitzing the revision during your stay up there (providing you have a b&b). It worked for me and i'm now certified, especially helps having a day in the workshop then hitting the exam while it's fresh in the afternoon.

    I'd like to say the MCDST is much better, but you'll find out when you get there
    Keep plugging mate, it's not always the fastest approach that gets the reward in the end!
  5. sparkeh
    Working on A+ at the moment, finding it tough, not the difficulty of the content but its so boring I can't motivate myself. Do I really have to know exactly which chips go in which socket off the top of my head...yawn.
  6. Potato-Peeler
    Doing CCNA, which takes far too much time And want to get the book for MCTS - Vista and work through it then take the exam.
  7. apoth0r
    Sparkeh, I hear you bud. Don't try to do too much for it mate, a pass is a pass at the end of the day and if ur moving onto higher certs then theres no point.
    Seems A+ is like the "Key Skills" that used to occur in secondary schools, boring, feels like a waste of time, but u just gotta get through it
    Keep going mate, email me if you need any resources, i found a few
  8. mjs_mjs
    I'm studing towards an A+, kinda. Got myself a dvd traing thing off ebay, so been watching and listening to that. Me boss who's working towards a MCSA and has an A+ thinks i can pass it without any 'revision', but i think it's wise to go other everything anyway. I want to have/work towards an MCSE, anyone got any advice for me?

    A key question i have is if the A+ can count towards an MCSE, or do i need that and an N+?

    also what other qulifications are there that can compliment the A+ i no of CCNA and the microsoft ones - but are there any others?

  9. apoth0r
    A+ is like the pre-requisite of the MCSE/CCNA stuff usually. Especially if you have signed up for a 'training programme'. I would work really hard on the A+ depending on your experience, it's not the hardest of exams if you work in the industry but the few hours extra you do is surely going to guarantee a pass. If you feel confident having taken examples/mock tests then you should be fine in the real thing!
    I'd possibly recommend the MCDST after the A+ as it will be a good next step up!
  10. sparkeh
    Just took online review test that I poured over the revision material for.
    Got 100%! I have been writing my notes in waaaaaay too much detail.
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