Training Needs At My Place Of Work

  1. DaveP
    Hi. I am new to this group [actually Edugeek groups so forgive me if I put a foot wrong]

    My employment at the moment is quite precarious. One thing I can do to help stabilise it is to identify suitable courses for my team [before the new term starts!]

    I have no formal qualifications in IT/ICT [I am trained as a scientist but I am working as Network Manager school in Herts. My team and I have been put through the mill as far as providers are concerned moving the network from Connect 2.4, through Classlink7 [ugh!] and we now have a vanilla network [mix of server 2003/2008 in a parent/child arrangement]

    I have taken a look at the courses that are available and I find it a little daunting to map a course through it all [both for myself and the two technicians that are working for me]

    I Would like to be able to do is to walk into the Head's Office with a fully 'fleshed out plan' for my team as far as training goes. He can then either accept it or reject it.

    Any suggestions?
  2. apoth0r
    I would look into immediate baseline needs, as your two techs go, something like the COMPTIA A+ would be a good starting point. You wouldn't need to spend a fortune on it.
    Theres a huge amount of information on the compTIA website so go take a look chap. From there you could look at Cisco/Microsoft certs, theres lots of information if you google it.
    Personally I train with Advent, which has advantages, at a price.
    CompTIA A+ > MCP > MCSE is the route I have almost finished paying for but no where near completing
  3. apoth0r
    Edit to previous post - Do not train with Advent computing, their Terms & Conditions lock you into a joke of a training agency. Paying high fee's for a book, poor customer service and their support is non-existant.
  4. Alis_Klar
    Any recommendations for a provider?
  5. GREED
    I might have missed it above (and also be very late!), where are you based? I/We operate initially in Hampshire, but not limited to.
  6. torytechie
    I'm in the final stages of starting my MCTS 70-680 (Configuring Windows 7) with Open.IT

    This is the provider that Microsoft UK recomend. They have test centers all over the country.
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