EduGeek Radio Hams

  1. webman
    I'll set the ball rolling... In April 2002 I acquired my foundation licence (M3UHP) and in December 2003 I passed my RAE, and obtained the callsign M0PHP. I'm mainly active on 2m and 70cms with interests in EchoLINK/IRLP. I have: a Kenwood TM-D700E in the house, Yaesu FT-90R in the car (brilliant radio) and a Kenwood TH-F7E for out and about.
  2. harrno
    G0GZU - The Ham gear is in the attic ... in boxes.
  3. brookesandrew
    G7KXM - Passed RAE in May 1989, not active, FT290 and FT757GX in the attic in boxes buried under heaps of obselete PC and SGI computer kit. Dont even think my present garden could fit a half size G5RV.
  4. PaulU
    G4HDS - Got my Ticket way back in the 1970's Hopeing to get early retirement next summer then can buy the cottage in Scotland put up some big aerials, and forget all about BL!"£Y
    Computers... ViVa TopBand
  5. subjones
    G7LNP not active at the moment but hope to have a rig in the car I use for work soon.
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