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  1. Geoff
    I have been searching for a way to keep my mod server up to date with the minimum of hassle for both myself and players. As such I am running a test of the Beta release of the FTB mod pack for Minecraft 1.4.3. The purpose of this test is to see if the mod pack works, if the server can handle it (I'm paticularly worried about disk space usage by mystcraft ages) and to see if there's any of the mods that seem overpowered, etc.

    You can download the client launcher from here:

    Feed the Beast

    and put it in an empty folder some place on your machine. When you it run and login it will download all the mods and construct a fully modded minecraft install with no intervention on your part (you might need to change the memory settings in the options though). There are regular updates to the launcher and the mod packs.

    The server address is:

    address: (ip
    port: 25565 (default minecraft port)

    Server is whitelisted (request access from me) and is set to survival on hard difficultly (don't be out at night without protection!)

    As for the mods I have most of whats listed on the forum post for FTB (I've added the most informative link I can find for each mod listed):

    ComputerCraft + Turtles
    Industrial Craft 2 (+ Advanced Machines +Advanced Solar Panels, + Modular Force Field System + Nuclear Control)
    Rei's Minimap
    Factorization (IC2 Submod)
    The Twilight Forest
    GregTech (IC2 submod)
    ObsidiPlates - Presure plates that can only be activated by players.

    So the big ticket mods I'm missing are Redpower, Thaumcraft and EE3 (they simply aren't done yet). Not bad for a first beta release though.
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