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  1. LiamH
    Just wondered if anyone is still playing minecraft?

    I bought a tekkit server after playing locally for a while that has some free slots if anyone is interested.

    If you are you just need to let me know your minecraft ID for the white list and ill send the details.

    Yogscast of tekkit : Tekkit Part 1 - Jaffa Cake Factory Planning - YouTube

    What is tekkit?

    Tekkit is a mod "pack" for minecraft, but us packaged with its own launcher, its the multiplayer version of technic found here Tekkit | Technic Pack

    It consists of Industrial Craft 2 which adds science to minecraft allowing you to make machinery powered by many sources of energy, from solar energy to nuclear power plants. You can create quarry's to mine for you, Jet packs to fly. Piping to take items from A to B and sort them. Too many cool stuff to mention really!

    Buildcraft, more pipes, engines to power things, pumps, fuel, oil. This links up a lot with IC2.

    Equivalent Exchange 2, Magic and alchemy in minecraft, allows you to exchange items for other items. each item has a EMC value, dirst being 1, diamonds being a few thousand. This mod lets you turn a few thousand blocks of dirt into a diamond, or 1 diamond into a few thousand blocks of dirt, works with most items in the mod apart from constructed machines and pipes ect, so if your short on redstone but have an abundance of coal you can exchange it. It also adds other cool things like rings of power that allow flight, larger chests, and the ability to repair items.

    Red power 2, adds new gems, more common that diamond and almost as good for tools and weapons. New redstone cabling that can go up walls, wireless power, handsaws so you can cut blocks down to 1/2,1/4 and i believe 1/8 size for decoration. Volcano's too!

    Railcraft, more advanced rail system, launching pads, cart dispensers and various others.

    Computercraft, create mining turtles you can program from central computers. uses the LUA language.

    Balkons weapon mod, muskets, flails, throwing knifes, spears, and cannons

    Misc : minimap, upgradable chests, minable ores in the nether, build in recipe help.

    All runs off bukkit so other addons can be added.
  2. bladedanny
    Hi, yup add me bladedanny please. Play Technic locally, not found a good tekkit server yet so should be good.

    Also check out yogscastlalna's previous tekkit series, he gets more done than the main channel.
  3. LiamH
    Will do when i get home and PM you the details.

    Yeah the jaffa one has Simon on it, hence why nothing gets done, duncans series is quite good, they started this one after "the tekkit war" when everything got nuked.

    edit :

    Just noticed the one you mentioned was duncans, sorry for spoilers ;x
  4. bladedanny
    Don't worry, I tend to watch them as they're released. Along with Sips and Sjin's channel.
  5. LiamH
    sent you a PM with server details
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